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Welcome to Corfu and Boukari

A colorful rather than 'typical' Greek summer...

Corfu's and the Ionian Islands' nature at its best!

If you're tired of unfulfilled promises on vacation places, need a real rest and rather have it far from the usual (yet accessible in the remote case that you change your mind) island crowds, our kind of proposal is about crystal clear turquoise waters exactly before your very room and under any circumstances no more than three (3) steps from your charcoaled octopus, ice-cold beer, ouzo, freshly caught fish or simply none-whatsoever but vacation books' reading table in a rich natural shade (yet next to the sunny beach if you still so wish).

This is only a humble and accurate description of Boukari, Corfu, the place on earth we have liked so much that we have chosen ourselves to live the whole year round. This is not about offering five star hotel services that you may sure find easily elsewhere. That we can't do. We are only real, everyday people, just like you. One thing we can be is us, thus we can only offer you a little humanly (and overly quite) place to rest and be at your service should you chose to stay with us.

The human touch: Our idea of hospitality.


The house
Images of Akrogiali at Boukari, Corfu, Greece

View from the balconies
View of Boukari, Corfu, from Akrogiali

Seaside views
Seaside Views, Boukari, Corfu, Greece

The sea to swim
Sea to swim at Akrogiali, Boukari, Corfu, Greece

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