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In most parts of the world, Greece is associated with fantastic weather. And rightly so! Winters, albeit somewhat wet, are quite mild and short, whilst summers are warm, with clear blue skies and little, if any, rain. However, as you'd expect, there is considerable variation in the weather, depending, inter alia, on latitude, elevation and distance from the sea.

To help you better plan your trip, we have put together information on the weather of Corfu. The associated data are conveniently presented in tables and graphs, showing average, highest, and lowest recorded temperatures, number of rainy days, number of days hotter that 90oF, etc.

All the data presented on this page have been obtained from the Weatherbase site and have been processed using Microsoft Excel.

Average Temperatures in Corfu

As you can see from the graph below, temperatures follow smooth sinusoidal curves, with minima in January and maxima in July and August.

The average temperature curve is conveniently situated 7oF to 10oF below the average high temperature curve and 8oF to 11oF above the average low temperature curve. The mean annual temperature for Corfu is approximately 62.3oF.


Highest - Lowest Recorded Temperatures

And, of course, there are always extremes! The lowest temperature, 16oF, has been recorded in February, whereas the highest, 108oF, has been recorded in July. It is noteworthy that the difference between each month's highest and lowest temperature is in the between 40oF and 55oF.


Days with: Thunderstorms - Temps. Above 90oF

According to the graph below, there are quite a few thunderstorms, especially during the winter months, then the number of thunderstorms decreases gradually till July and August.

If you visit Corfu during the summer, you can expect some very hot days. Temperatures above 90oF are not uncommon, as they appear during a third of July and August.


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